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Development of the Lyon-Madrid axis on the TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor




Funding entity: 

Commission of European Communities Ref: TENT-T-94174-S-CLYMA

Start date: 15/03/2013
End date: 31/12/2015





Benedito, Ernest

Scientific coordinator and contact


Corominas, Albert

Professor emeritus 


Martínez, Carme

Tenured Professor 





Pastor, Rafael

Senior Professor 


Olivella, Jordi

Tenured Professor 


Rua, Carles


Project description

Within the context of the TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor Global Project, this Action focuses on freight transport connecting Lyon and Madrid (CLYMA) to enable a coordinated implementation of the network. It comprises of studies on the organization and optimal implementation of the TEN-T network, taking into account long-term perspectives, environmental aspects and associated needs, as well as studies that promote environmental sustainability, resource efficiency and low–carbon transport within an integrated transport concept. This should stimulate the deployment of the Green Corridor concept as introduced in the Freight Logistic Action Plan. The project also intends to develop a managerial structure for the intermodal corridor.


Amount: 167.086,63 €