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Organization of working time, with annualized hours, in industry and services





Funding entity: Ministerio de educación y cultura 
  Ref: DPI2001-2176

Start date: 28/12/2001
End date: 27/12/2004





Corominas, Albert

Scientific coordinator and contact


Lusa, Amaia

Tenured professor


Ojeda, Jordi

Associate professor





Coves, Anna Maria

Tenured professor


Pastor, Rafael

Senior professor



Project description

The annualization of the day, that is to say, the possibility of irregularly distributing during the year the work hours of the company's staff, is one of the most appropriate instruments to deal with the seasonality in the volume and composition of demand, but its application implies management and optimization problems. In this context, the objectives of the project are: describe and analyse the regulatory framework in Spain and other European countries, define and classify the problems involved in annualization, define a general method to address them and develop models and algorithms for each type of problem, and each of the phases of the method. The development of the project provides tools to deal with situations that are presented with increasing frequency and that had been little studied so far.


Amount: 53.498,00 €