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Methodologies and applications for the development of rural electrification plans and the evaluation of energy projects in Latin America




Entidad financiera: Centre de Cooperació pel Desenvolupament
   Ref: 2018-U011

Start date: 01/06/2017
End date: 31/03/2019





Domenech, Bruno

Scientific coordinator and contact


Pastor, Rafael

Senior professor


López-González, Alejandro

Suport lecturer



Ferrer-Martí, Laia

Tenured professor


García-Villoria, Alberto

Tenured professor


Project description

Within the framework of this project, rural electrification projects already implemented in Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba are visited. During these visits, information is collected, through surveys, interviews and databases, on their technical performance, as well as their social perception by the beneficiaries in terms of economic impact and improvement of their living conditions. With this information, a methodological procedure is developed for the analysis of the sustainability of the projects, taking into account the socio-economic, technical, environmental and institutional dimensions, which serves to facilitate the identification of good and bad practices in these projects and their extrapolation to New contexts and countries.


Amount: 11.292,00 €