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Antonin Sebastien Ponsich


Antonin Sebastien Ponsich is a lecturer at the Department of Management of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). He is a Process Engineer and a Doctor in Process and Environmental Engineering from the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT, France)(open in new window). He has held various positions as a researcher and teacher at the INPT, at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico(open in new window), at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies(open in new window) of the National Polytechnic Institute (Mexico)(open in new window) and in the Systems Department of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM, Mexico)(open in new window)Azcapotzalco unit(open in new window). His research focuses on the adaptation and application of mono- and multi-objective optimization techniques for operations research problems, mainly based on metaheuristics and evolutionary algorithms. He has participated in several research projects and is the author or co-author of books and articles published in international reference journals (ASOC, IEEE TEVC, COR among others).


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