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Jordi Olivella Nadal

Jordi Olivella Nadal is a tenured professor at the Polytechnic School of Castelldefels, where he coordinates the activity of the organizational department. Until 1994 he worked in the insurance sector as an actuary of the life branch. He developed the thesis "The organization of work and the phenomenon of absenteeism, a model applied to Spanish companies." He is the current deputy director of the Department of Business Management. He participates in postgraduate programs and in technology transfer, specially in areas of work organization. He Develops research on:

  • Time flexibility and planning with time flexibility, analyzing flexibility clauses at european level, the establishment of overlapping schedules, the extension of schedules with limits in time slots and the schemes of hourly bags.
  • The implications on the performance of learning processes at work and the establishment of optimal learning paths.
  • The work in lean production, identifying through interviews, visits and focus groups the common characteristics and the different applications of lean production in the organization of work.